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Extensive and Customized!

Let us introduce you to Verify Universe!  As the name suggests, Verify Universe is a system of features and functionality essential for end-to-end management of a wholesale telecommunications business.  It is a comprehensive set of tools that take advantage of automation and REAL-TIME processing to streamline operations.

This solution is perfect for companies that need customized interfaces and processes to meet the demands of growing business.  Verify understands that you have developed business policies and rules that differentiate you from your competition and you want to preserve and implement that uniqueness.  Flexibility and customization are key components to the Verify way of life.  Alternatively, if you decide that “off the shelf” meets your requirements, we have a system ready for you too.

We briefly describe the range of services in the Verify system in 3 sections below: 
Operations — Reporting — Administration


Variable Factor Routing

Verify’s Variable Factor Routing centralizes all your data for decision-making to determine call-by-call routing in a real-time environment. VFR takes all of the variables (cost, ASR, ACD, etc) into consideration before blending to meet your quality and margin targets. The complexity that our routing engine is designed to handle is impressive! By using Verify’s intelligent routing, you receive the benefit by improving quality, optimizing your margins and protection for your business. Verify dramatically improves efficiency because you are no longer manually loading routing tables into switches; the entire process is automated for you.


Bilateral Management

Verify’s Bilateral Trade Management system is designed to provide a simple yet comprehensive interface for the creation, communication, and tracking of bilateral trade arrangements whether they are simple swaps or proportionate return models. Our system gives your team a comprehensive view of your business with high level management summaries or data down to the detail level of a deal. We give you reporting to know the status of your current deals and if you are on target to fulfill your commitments! All information is available to you at the click of a button!

When setting up a new deal, the Verify system helps walk you through the steps of the process by using our tools such as the Bilateral Calculator, management approval tracking and interdepartmental workflow for deal communication. Verify can even control routing if you are using the full suite of Verify products and will stop the traffic when the deal is complete. Our system covers the complete life-cycle of these complex, high-volume transactions. The most effective management system for bilateral business is most likely to come from a team that has actually operated in the bilateral environment…that’s Verify!

Trading Tools

Verify’s Trading Tool has been designed to provide the sales staff with all the information needed to effectively negotiate with buyers and sellers of telecom termination. Useful information has been collected and available in tabular form so you don’t have to click all through the system to gather it. The current rates, current traffic, current routing, account notes, etc are available at your fingertips. Verify’s Trading Tools gives the sales staff all the information needed to negotiate a trade.

Customer Pricing

Verify understands that getting new rates in front of customers is critical so they will flow more traffic your direction. Our Customer Pricing module is focused on ease of use and allows you to send individual rate updates to a specific customer or your entire customer base in minutes and with only a few clicks of the mouse. Even updating rates for all customers in mass is very easy. We even prevent you from forgetting to notify a customer of a rate change by automatically sending out a rate sheet if a customer’s rate was modified during the day and they were not sent a new rate sheet. This module also includes a workflow process to allow for manager approval before rates are sent to customers. Whether you want maximum flexibility or tight controls, Verify has the system for you!


Supplier Rates

Verify’s Supplier Rates processor is known as Rates Machine. It intelligently processes your supplier rate sheets with ease and accuracy as soon as they are received from the supplier. We have automated this task and set-up validation checks of every single line of the supplier rate sheet that is processed. The system automatically identifies conflicts or produces alerting when one of the validation rules is compromised. It is impossible for a human to manually check all the validations that Verify has automated. There is no doubt that we will save you time and money!


Dial Code Management

Verify’s Dial Code Management module gives you complete flexibility in controlling the dial codes sets that are offered to customers. Our system allows you to create your own dial code sets for individual customers or your entire customer base in minutes and with only a few clicks of the mouse. Maximizing traffic is the goal and customized dial codes can help!

Fraud Management

Verify’s Fraud Management system has adopted a dual-layer approach: fraud prevention and fraud detection. Both layers of the Verify approach take advantage of core Verify Systems developed technology and operations. Verify delivers fraud management services that are customized to each customer’s needs through the establishment of business rules. Verify Fraud Management works in tandem with other products and services as required by Verify customers to provide a cohesive operating environment.



The Dashboard provides an overview of important information for the day at a glance. Some of the available data includes billable calls, minutes and gross margin for the day. You can also see the Top 5 customers, suppliers and destinations for the day. This is helpful when you just want a quick update on all the important information for the current day. The concept of the Verify Dashboard is similar to the dashboard in a car which displays key data on the performance and health of the car. In the case of Verify, the dashboard displays key data that you decide summarizes the performance and health of your business. Most importantly, it can be easily understood at a glance!


POD is short for Production on Display. Verify understands that effective Traffic and Financial Management depends on you having access to metrics for quality and performance monitoring in REAL-TIME. We have developed these PODs to allow you to monitor specific traffic situations that are important to you. You pick the customers, suppliers, or destinations that you want to watch. The PODs refresh every 3 minutes with the latest information on that day’s traffic. These PODs are certain to become one of your favorite features of Verify!

Business Intelligence

The Verify system has the ability to integrate with any third-party application. One example of this functionality is with our current business intelligence package. We make your data available for analysis and charting. Through this service feature, Verify enables the user to work with data from the system set in a broader context such as corporate budgets and plans and relevant economic data. It also makes it possible for Verify data reporting to be structured in customized ways to suit management requirements.

Traffic Reporting

Traffic Reporting allows REAL-TIME access to metrics for quality and performance monitoring. Calls are rated instantaneously and ready for immediate analysis. The Verify user interface allows you to choose any of Verify’s standard reports or the selection bar allows you to pull more targeted information. You can actually drill all the way down to an individual CDR if necessary. Real-time, fact-based decision making is vital in today’s wholesale marketplace and we take great pride in our real-time capabilities.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting allows REAL-TIME access to the financial performance of your customers, suppliers, and destinations by month, day or hour. You can choose any of Verify’s standard reports or the selection bar allows you to pull more targeted information. The reporting engine was designed for flexibility, speed, accuracy, and the ability of the user to dig into the data very quickly. Verify also provides additional financial reports such as Variance Reports, Margin Assurance Reports and Projection Reports. Watching your profits increase minute by minute is a perk of using Verify!

Global Reporting

Verify’s Global Reporting allows you to view your performance for the entire globe, continent and individual countries reflecting the range of data available within Verify. This type of business intelligence is very useful in determining strategic direction and growth opportunities.

Sales Reporting

Verify’s Sales Reporting allows for viewing performance by sales region, sales manager or sales representative. Being able to confirm that traffic is coming from customers as expected or a supplier’s route is performing as promised is vital for effective sales agents. Verify’s Sales Reporting is designed to give the Sales Team easy access to the accounts assigned specifically to them.

With Sales teams spread across the globe, the Verify Reporting Engine delivers results with speed and accuracy to the web-based interface 24 hours a day. Information is powerful and Verify is your source of strength!


Report Builder

Report Builder is a complex reporting tool that allows complete flexibility in different ways of grouping and comparing data. We have created many standard reports that are available to you. This tool gives even more options for creating customized reports that are unique to your needs!


Account Management

The Accounts Management section is where all of the important account data lives. The following pieces of information are controlled here: general information, sales management assignments, contact information, invoicing information, rate notification information, billing increments, credit limit, currency designation, IP addresses and routing prefixes.


Operations Maintenance

The Verify system provides all of the operational maintenance tools needed to manage your business such as access logs, rerate capabilities, CDR extracts, exchange rate tables and so much more.


Supplier Invoice Reconciliation

The Verify Supplier Invoice Reconciliation module is a smart system that confirms vendor invoices against pre-calculated expectations. Track the processing to resolve discrepancies and manage the details of any disputes.

Credit Management

Credit Management is a tool that can be customized to the exact calculation that you want to use to manage credit for your customers. Verify can alert your credit staff and your customers when credit limits have been reached or nearing the limit. When integrated with Variable Factor Routing (VFR), the Verify system will block calls from terminating until there is available credit again. We have complete flexibility in this process. Protecting your margins and profitability is a priority for Verify!


Invoicing is one area where the Verify staff remains involved with your business. We will manage the billing processes to produce accurate invoices for your customers. These invoices are delivered to your email box ready for your approval. It doesn’t get much easier!



When you become a Verify customer, we will discuss and customize all the alerts that you would like to receive from the Verify system. As the thresholds that you set have been crossed, we will deliver alerts on your desktop, your laptop, and your mobile device as the alerts happen. You will have access to alerting information all day, every day, wherever you are. Never be caught off-guard again.

CDR Mediation

Verify presents all information in real-time. This begins with pulling CDRs directly from your switching platforms where possible for instantaneous rating for traffic and financial reporting, analysis and alerting. We mediate the CDRs as quickly as we can get them. Verify’s real-time environment allows you to control your business with confidence


System Audit

The main objective of Verify’s System Audit section is providing tools to validate the integrity of information & data stored in the database of the Verify system. Wholesale telecommunications businesses maintain mountains of data and keeping the data “clean” helps the system to work at peak performance. This audit step gives you confidence in your employees, the Verify system and your business.

System Settings

The System settings section is where you will control access for your users and the functionality that they will be allowed to access. Settings such as User Management, Group Management, Email Templates, etc.

Training Material

Training material is available by way of training videos and online documentation. Tool tips are used throughout the Verify system to give you quick guidance on information.

The Verify system is an intelligently powerful data processing engine with speed and automation that can greatly impact the effectiveness of your organization. We are proud to share it with you!

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