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Today’s VOIP tools enable criminals to attack public and private institutions with much greater ease. Using call generators to launch sustained, high volume call attacks, criminals can swamp telephony voice systems, IVR systems, as well as entire call centers to prevent institutions and their customers from pursuing their normal daily business. TDOS attacks can be as simple as a malicious prank or a complex operation by criminals intending to steal critical institutional and customer account information from which fraud or some form of extortion inevitably follows. Institutions, big and small, are becoming victims of these vicious attacks.

Verify has two TDOS solutions available: Verify TDOS Analyzer and Verify TDOS Defender. These tools provide flexible, effective protection against TDOS attacks and other related forms of fraudulent telecom attacks that cause disruption within the network.

Sophisticated Shield Against TDOS Attacks

VeVerify TDOS Defender is a detection and prevention system that automatically senses the onset of an attack and responds by diverting unwanted calls while allowing legitimate calls to go to their destination. The SIP-based network elements allow for routing intervention through real-time signaling, analysis and event mediation. Like other forms of telecom-based fraud protection, TDOS Defender works via a comprehensive set of rules that are applied within the telecom network before the call is delivered.

Analysis Keeps You Aware

The Verify TDOS Analyzer system works behind the scenes to ensure that the calls coming into your system are real and not a threat. The TDOS Analyzer system takes the ANI and associated ANI information to perform a lookup in the TDOS system to determine if the call types are a match or a mismatch. The results of this matching are returned to you to make appropriate routing decisions.

TDoS is a hard hitting, malicious attack on your telephony system.
The FBI and DHS report that these attacks are growing in frequency.

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