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Our system is designed to handle high volumes of transactions in real-time. With this in mind, it was important that our design philosophy include abstraction, massive parallel processing power and distributed architecture. This means that Verify scales as your business grows, as you add new and different switches and as you add products. We also have been awarded 2 patents because of the creative data management techniques that we use to process data at lightning speeds. When we say our system is real-time, it is real-time!

At Verify, we do data very well. Our team has decades of experience in managing, processing, and storing valuable information. We ensure that your data is secure and readily available to you at the click of a button. Current information is important but we know that history also matters! We use intelligent indexes to make your data accessible to you any time that you want it whether it be data from yesterday, last month, or last year.


The strength of Verify’s technology has been confirmed by the US Patent and Trademark Office as they agreed that our processes were new, useful inventions and awarded patents to us in 2014.

Our methods of processing data are a great source of pride for all of us because we worked incredibly hard to develop the best way to deliver your data to you as quickly as possible.  Two of our patents include the following:

  • Method and systems for data aggregation, targeting and acquisition
  • Method and system for text interpretation and normalization

This should give you confidence in the strength of Verify’s technology and that we do data right!


Verify believes that your business is unique! You have developed business policies and rules that differentiate you from your competition and we understand the importance of preserving those business rules that have made you competitive. Canned software that isn’t flexible just won’t work for you.

With this in mind, we know that achieving operational efficiency at the lowest cost of operation is very important to you. Luck for you, Verify can give you a customized system where we work carefully to translate and shape your policies, rules and business objectives into the operational processes. We will even work with you to improve them and make them more effective. We are committed to customizing a system that is uniquely yours!


The Verify system is designed to be the ultimate telecom business and operations support service. It isn’t just software that you license or hardware that you buy. We provide a cloud-based SaaS solution and you access the Verify software through web interfaces that we have customized to your specific needs. Your data and information are available to you 24 hours a day!

The second difference is the service that our team provides to you. When using our software, the system takes care of your call rating, routing, and reporting; our team takes care of your billing and we even process your supplier rate sheets. Our people and systems do the work for you so you can focus on what is most important….doing deals and increasing profits!


Hardware or Cloud? It’s up to you! Verify can implement the system on either one. If you have a preference, then you get your wish!

With that being said, Verify believes that using our system in a cloud environment would be very beneficial for you. Easy start-up, faster implementation, high performance servers, secure data, massive scalability, always-on availability and immediate disaster recovery are the first things that come to mind.

By using a cloud infrastructure, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on purchasing equipment and hiring IT personnel to manage and maintain the equipment. Lower operational and capital expenditures are always better for your bottom line.

But like we said before, it’s all up to you…up in the cloud or down on Earth!


Verify presents all information in real-time. This begins with pulling CDRs directly from your switching platforms where possible for instantaneous rating for traffic and financial reporting, analysis and alerting. Profit and Quality Protection are always important in our real-time environment. You determine the levels of quality and profits that are acceptable and Verify will notify you when those limits are crossed. Never be caught off-guard again!

Verify Rates Machine is another step in the real-time process with automated handling of supplier rate sheets as soon as they are received from the supplier. With supplier rates being processed in real-time every day, the use of Verify’s Variable Factor Routing (VFR) system quickly puts those rates to work. Using the real-time traffic quality metrics and customer and supplier rates available, Verify’s VFR helps to maximize quality and profits in real-time.

Verify’s real-time environment allows you to control your business with confidence. Information is powerful and Verify is your source of strength!


Verify understands that automating as many operational processes as possible is the way for you to do your job more effectively! Automation means less manual errors and more productivity. We have worked TIRELESSLY to design processes with specific business intelligence to deliver data to you that is immediate, accurate, and relevant.

There are many processes that we have automated, but here are a few examples: CDR mediation and rating, supplier rate sheet processing, customer rate sheet generation, variable factor routing, invoicing, business rule alerts, and workflow processes. Automation is the key to your efficiency!

The Verify system is an intelligently powerful data processing engine with speed and automation that can greatly impact the effectiveness of your organization.

We are proud to share it with you!

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