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Our experts have worked very hard to give you a system that simplifies your world and makes your job easier. The Verify system will contribute to your organizational success in many ways. Here are some of the benefits.

Financial Benefits

The Verify system allows your organization to work smarter! The considerable amount of intelligent automation in our systems results in reduced operating costs for you. You can reallocate your personnel from operational tasks to ones that increase sales and grow your business. Additionally, the profit protections, alerting and credit monitoring that are built into the Verify system will help to avoid loss situations.

Operational Benefits

Verify uses its powerful capabilities to intelligently automate your operational processes to ensure speed and accuracy. We apply automation to every aspect of this business such as mediation of call records, rating call records, reporting of traffic and financial data, processing supplier rate sheets, creating customer rate sheets, routing of traffic to your switches, profit protection and credit monitoring. The list is even longer but you get the picture. We create efficiency and accuracy in your operation.

Performance Benefits

Verify has a powerful Variable Factor Routing engine that can immediately make an impact on your traffic performance. We can pull information such as rate, route performance, and volume commitment to determine the supplier route blending that gives you the best performance according to your margin requirements on a call-by-call basis. The Verify system will increase your minute volume, overall traffic performance and profitability.

The Verify system is an intelligently powerful data processing engine with speed and automation that can greatly impact the effectiveness of your organization. We are proud to share it with you!

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