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Verify Systems Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but our reach extends far and wide as we process data from wholesale telecom companies around the world.

We started business in 2003 by jumping into the hottest telecom sector at the time which was VoIP technology. By leveraging relationships all around the globe, we began trading wholesale minutes. Considering all the complexities that VoIP routing and rating required, we decided to design and develop a back-office system to manage the business. After all, we had the perfect symbiotic relationship for testing; we had the traffic to drive the development and perfection of the system. After creating a system that would manage the entire VoIP environment from end-to-end, we decided to bring the technology to the wholesale telecom market; this is the Verify Systems technology and products that we are marketing today.

In addition to the VoIP and TDM telecom products that we’ve developed, we have been called upon to provide consulting and development on numerous projects that required telecom and systems expertise: Specialized MLM software, TDoS software, MVNO software, Dispute Resolution Call Processing and Expert Witness Testimony in court. Our information technology assets and expertise in operational systems continue to develop and grow.

Since we respond to the thrill of high-volume transaction markets and every market needs high speed data processing, the opportunities are numerous for industries that our software can be adapted to conquer. There are endless possibilities ahead for Verify Systems Inc!



As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Baker sets strategy and leads the management team on a day to day basis. His extensive background in international telecommunications and defense electronics gives him broad experience and critical perspectives with which to guide product and service development, operations standards and market positioning.

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The Verify system is an intelligently powerful data processing engine with speed and automation that can greatly impact the effectiveness of your organization. We are proud to share it with you!

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